Electric Vehicles have become more advantageous compared to other vehicle types in recent years in terms of being silent, providing extra comfort for the driver and passengers as well as saving money. NESAN Teknoloji is a company that carries out R&D studies, produces and markets electronic components within the scope of electric vehicles.

There are 4 different electric car technologies used in today's market:

  • 1) Hybrid System (Hybrid) Cars
  • 2) Hybrid System (Plug-in Hybrid)
  • 3) Range Extender Automobiles
  • 4) Full Electric System Cars
1) Hybrid System (Hybrid) Cars

Hybrid cars use two types of engines, both internal combustion and electric. The main task of the electric engine is to support the internal combustion engine during operation. Hybrid cars do not have a system for charging the electric motor and which can charge the batteries by plugging them in. The electric motor is charged by the internal combustion engine. In addition to this system, the brake recycling system converts the kinetic energy in the wheels into electrical energy during braking and sends it to the batteries. Both electric and internal combustion engines assist in the traction of the engine in different ways depending on car models.

2) Hybrid System (Plug-in Hybrid)

The basic operating principles of rechargeable cars are similar to those of Hybrid systems, but with larger batteries. Large size batteries can be recharged by plugging into the socket. Batteries can be recharged by means of both the electric motors and the internal combustion engine, as well as the recovery of brake energy.

3) Range Extender Automobiles

Range-Enhancing System is equipped with both electric and internal combustion engines. In this system, however, the internal combustion engine does not in any way contribute to the vehicle's traction system. The traction task is carried out entirely by the electric motor. The only function of the internal combustion engine is to charge the batteries. The batteries are recharged by recovering the braking energy and plugging it into the outlet.

4) Full Electric System Cars

Fully Electric The Automobiles built on the system are equipped with only electric motors and provide the traction. The system's batteries are recharged by plugging them in. Brake energy is also recovered and contributes to the charging of the batteries.



The most common battery technologies used in electric vehicles are...


The battery management system (BMS) is a system that controls and...