ECU is an electronic control system. It is a very important part in which direct decisions can be made for motor vehicles. There are multiple ECUs in the vehicle for different purposes.

In fact, ECU is a kind of computer with a powerful microprocessor. These are the electronic components of the vehicle consisting of electronic design and software in which the relevant commands are given in the vehicle. It evaluates all the signals coming from the vehicle in order to receive the related commands and make them smoothly and just in time.

It is important to carefully and instantly evaluate all the data of the vehicle in order to use it safely and get the best performance from it. In the work of ECU, it works like a human brain that evaluates the stimuli coming from the nerves.

ECU processes multiple information such as the position of the gearshift lever of the vehicle, air pressure, vehicle speed, battery voltage, piston position, temperature of the coolant.